Boundary TopographicAbout MacSurvey, Inc.

MacSurvey, Inc. is a Florida based corporation that provides professional land surveying and related services to clients throughout the Tampa Bay area.  Chris McLaughlin, the president and professional surveyor & mapper of MacSurvey, Inc., has been in the industry since 2001 working in a variety of locations and projects in the State of Florida.

Land Surveying Professionals

MacSurvey, Inc.’s personnel are dedicated to quality, maintaining the high standards required of a land surveying professional and providing tailored survey solutions to address the needs of each client with swiftness and accuracy.  Success on each project is a goal we take whole-heartedly.

The company has a wide range of experience in land surveying, including boundary surveys, topographic surveys, land title surveys, construction layout services, as-built surveys and more. We work with municipalities, commercial general contractors, engineering firms and residential clients.

Certifications & Associations

Small Business Certification

  • Federal Self-Certified SBE
  • State of Florida SBE
  • Pinellas County SBE
  • City of Tampa SLBE
  • City of St. Pete SBE


  • Florida Surveying & Mapping Society
  • Tampa Bay Chapter of the Florida Surveying & Mapping Society
  • Florida Utilities Coordinating Committee
  • Tampa Bay Excavation Task Force

State Licenses

  • Licensed Survey Business,  FL Lic. No. 7929
  • Professional Surveyor & Mapper, FL Lic. No. 6614
  • Certified Underground Utility and Excavation Contractor, FL Lic. No. CUC1225121

Construction Layout